In 1992, FLB Brand Business Department was founded by Mr. Jiang, an expert in audio engineering and the first batch of professional master in audio field in China.

In the same year in 1992, the company introduced Japanese technology and developed the first generation products "Ten Channel Amplifier Mixer" and "ZH Series Professional Stage Stereo Audio Amplifier". From this began the "professional sound field development road"

In 1993, it undertook the broadcasting and sound reinforcement project of venues in the 43rd World Table Tennis Championship. At the same time, the first multi-format and multi-program broadcasting media matrix was published in China.

In 1994, in response to the national requirements for background music, room acoustics and emergency broadcasting configuration of star hotels, the research and development of public broadcasting system began. It is the first research and development unit of intelligent public broadcasting/background music/emergency broadcasting trinity system in China.

In 1995, "LJF Series Impromptu Conference Discussion System" and "Multi-channel Cable Simultaneous Translation System" came out. They are one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop conference control system. They have been successfully applied in the conference halls of Jiangxi Provincial Committee, provincial government and other provincial and departmental units.

In 1996, the company trial-produced the lawn speaker of landscape type for the construction of Songcheng Scenic Spot, the first theme park in Zhejiang Province, and tried to harmonize the greening environment with the background music.

In 1997, the founder, Mr. Jiang, was hired as a part-time professor of Hangzhou University, which initiated cooperation and technical exchanges between enterprises and colleges in the field of audio and video specialty.

In 2001, the digital recording automatic playback controller came out, and the company began to develop in the field of intelligent music automatic control.

In 2003, for ten consecutive years, the product testing quality of provincial institutions was qualified and awarded the title of "Zhejiang Provincial Product Quality Credit Enterprise".

In 2004, the new factory began to break ground, and the company initially formed dozens of series in the fields of "professional audio", "public broadcasting", "intelligent music control", "professional conference system". The production capacity of nearly 1,000 products is large-scale.

In 2006, it passed IS09001 Quality Management System Certification, CE Certification and 3C Certification. Successfully entering the international market and being rated as the most competitive brand of public broadcasting by many media

In 2007, the broadcasting and audio production base of the company's new factory area was built and put into use, and a research and Development Center for broadcasting and audio was established to further strengthen the new product development force.

Since 2001, three generations of intelligent music broadcasting controllers have been developed successively. Since then, they have maintained the most complete variety in this field for many consecutive years and the leading market position in the national sales volume.

In 2010, many leading products in the field of public broadcasting took the lead in sales for ten consecutive years. For the first time, the total number of national projects has exceeded 1 million.