In the spirit of "high quality, excellent service and development", our company solemnly promises you with the concept of "high quality products, reasonable price, intimate service" and the principle of responsibility and openness.

Our company guarantees that all electronic products sold will be issued with certificates of inspection and use theory.

Clear book to ensure that users can correctly install and use our products.

Our company guarantees that all products sold are manufactured and inspected in accordance with relevant national standards, and that three packages of products are strictly fulfilled and cashed.

Strictly implement the relevant provisions of the state on after-sales service of related products.

If the buyer can confirm that the product is installed and used correctly in accordance with the method recommended by the company;

Can confirm that the product itself has design, material or processing defects, and submit a written application to the company.

The company will be responsible for free recall and repair of defective products, replacement or full refund at the order price.

Users raise quality objections to our products. The company guarantees to make suggestions within 24 hours after receiving objections from users.

If it needs to be solved on the spot, the company will contact modern business managers as soon as possible and send professional and technical service personnel to deal with it.

The quality problems and treatment results of each product feedback from users will be filed in our company.

Users can consult relevant technical problems through after-sales telephone during normal working hours and get clear solutions.

Under no circumstances shall our company undertake the maintenance of defective products.